We would like to make corrections  to the book Expedition of Thirstby Pete Dulin.  This book explores Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries across Kansas and Missouri.

The author states:

1.  We have a five acre farm.

2.  Our main focus is a bed and breakfast

3.  Not all wines are discribed correctly.

Corrections to information written about Jefferson Hill Vineyards & Guest House

1.  Our farm is 40 acres

2.  Our six acres of grapes are our main focus as it is for any winery.

3.  See our website page (wines) for correct discription.

The vision for our winery has always been to be a destination which includes making wine only from our estate grown grapes, having food service, events, and bed and breakfast.  This vision was inspired by our visit to the Finger Lakes wine region in New York and Canada. 

It is unfortunate that after receiving HEARSAY information Mr. Dulin decided not to give us the opportunuty to provide to him correct information about one of the most picturesque wineries in Kansas with a rich history.